Neighborhood Scout

Exclusive data to help you choose the best neighborhood for your needs - Available in the US only

As you plan for your relocation, you likely have a lot of questions. Where should I live? How do I choose the best areas for my lifestyle, my family, and my budget? Where are the best schools?

PorchLight’s Neighborhood Scout helps you quickly access real time data to understand area demographics, housing costs, community details and even the walkability of areas you’re considering within the United States. Use PorchLight’s Neighborhood Scout to uncover the best areas based on your needs.

What You Receive: Neighborhood Scout

Area demographics

Crime data

Lifestyle characteristics of the area

School data

Housing costs

For time saving rental finding support, select PorchLight's Rental Listings service or Rental Touring service.

We'll do the heavy lifting to find rentals and qualify them as available. You get to view them and choose the best option for you.