PorchLight Success Stories

“I never realized how much time this takes; I need more one-on-one help.”

We hear this all the time. Moving is fun. It’s exciting. But the unknown can be daunting.
Many try it on their own. Some successful. Many disappointed then fearful then overwhelmed to the point it takes all...
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“My company gave me $3500 for my move and PorchLight helped me save almost all of it.”

What could you do with a few extra grand?
You’re young. You just got a promotion and moving onward and upward to another city and space. It’s really happening. All your hard work is paying off. But what’s the next move?
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Thank you so much for your time and very kind attention. It feels much more like we’re moving somwhere we know, rather than somewhere completely “foreign.”
- Amy S., EY

I had a great experience with your service and especially with Judi Hagood who’s professionalism and dedication was beyond all my expectations. Now we are in a final stage of lease negotiations that hopefully be closed today or tomorrow.
- Eugene T., IBM